Cymatherapy (originally known as Cymatics) evolved from much earlier research into energy medicine.

There are many early pioneers of subtle energy research including Dr Albert Einstein, Dr Albert Abrams, Semon Kirlian, Dr Harold Burr, Dr Samuel Hahnemann and Dr Reinhard Voll, to name but a few!!

All of these scientists and physicians have contributed many insights leading to the identification of energetic systems and subtle magnetic frequencies associated with biological systems, which are now applied through Cymatherapy.

Early research from figures such as Ernst Chladni, Jules Lissajous, and Dr Hans Jenny (1904-1972) have helped discover the value of audible sound in producing structure and regulation of motion within many subtances, all of which are the same or very similar to those found within the body.

All of the above insights, along with teachings and practice of many ancient healing arts have helped in the development of Cymatherapy settings and techniques. However, it was not until the 1960's that British Dr Peter Guy Manners brought together a catlogue of therapeutic sound and magnetic frequencies and worked with an engineer to create one of the world’s first Cymatic instruments. Over the last 45 years, the instrument has undergone many developements. The Cyma 1000 is the most recent and exciting development in Cymatherapy's history.


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