What to expect during a Cymatherapy session

Following your initial and comprehensive health evaluation, a set of CYMA settings (commonly known as commutations) will be selected that are relevant to your physical, mental and energetic needs. Each of these commutations will then be programmed into the computer console and applied individually to the body using the hand held applicator. The output from the applicator will be felt as a gentle and often soothing vibration upon the body.

Initially you will treated with commutations that are used to repair energetic disturbances in energy fields and systems that interface with the physical body. Examples of these systems include the chakra or meridian system and are often associated and treated with traditional Eastern therapies such as acupunture and ayurveda. Cymatherapy works specifically with these systems in the initial stages of treatment based upon the idea that many physical or emotional problems intially manifest within these outer energy fields.

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Once the intitial energetic part of the treatment is completed then commutations for relevant physical and psychological conditions will be implemented. Each commutation will be applied to the body via the applicator to the area where the problem exists. You may be asked from time to time whether you feel certain sensations such as tingling, heat or a release of mental or physical tension. These sensations are important to monitor as they are good indicators that a healing reaction is taking place. Each commutation that produces these types of sensation will be used longer and recorded for use in future treatments.

In addition to Cymatherapy, each treatment session often includes other therapies such as massage and relaxing breathing exercises. However, this will depend upon time availability and your individual needs.

Conditions supported with Cymatherapy

Due to its subtle nature Cymatherapy can be used to treat almost any physical, mental or energetic condition. Common ailments that are treated frequently with Cymatherapy at Natural Holistic Clinics include all types of muscle or joint conditions, chronic pain, stress, skin disorders, chronic fatigue and most types of headache.

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