Due to its subtle and penetrative nature, Cymatherapy can be used to treat most health conditions. It is most commonly used to provide support for muscle and joint conditions, pain management and stress relief. However, it can also be helpful in treating symptoms of conditions such as athsma, headaches, chronic pain, hormone problems, fibromyalgia, strokes, depression and addiction.

A treatment will take between 30-75 minutes depending upon your needs and whether additional therapies are used.

Some people experience a significant reduction in symptoms straight away, although it may take up to 24 hours to experience the full benefits.

Due to its subtle nature, there are very few conditions Cymatherapy cannot be used for. However, you cannot be treated if you have an electrical implant fitted, such as a pace maker or if you are pregnant.

The number of treatments will depend upon the complexity and severity of your health problems, along with your ability to follow suggested aftercare recommendations. Minor health problems can often be resolved with 3-5 treatments over a 2 week period. Severe problems may require a series of 8-10 treatments. If you have a chronic (long-term) problem then you may prefer to have regular weekly or monthly treatments.

Cymatherapy is a very subtle and often soothing therapy. It has not been known to cause pain during a treatment. However, as with all holistic therapies you may encounter a minor healing response following a treatment. A minor healing response occurs when the body therapeutically releases toxins, unpleasant emotions and stress resulting in one or more sensations such as headache, sweating, vivid dreams, muscle soreness, fatigue or hyperactivity. These healing responses, if they occur, should be mild and short-term disappearing within 24 hours. During this time, it is important that you keep yourself properly hydrated with water, minimize consumption of toxins or stimulants and avoid stress where possible.

As mentioned above, a sensation of tingling, heat or tension release during or shortly after a treatment session commonly indicate the treatment is working, so you will know very quickly if this type of treatment is appropriate for you.

An average of 80% of the people treated with Cymatherapy at Natural Holistics experience a therapeutic response, resulting in a significant reduction of symptoms. Anyone who is unresponsive to this therapy can often be provided a suitable therapeutic alternative offered at the clinic. Referrals to other specialist practitioners or your GP will also be provided for those who require it.

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